The Card of Google Now now also work off-line

Interesting news announced by Google in the past few hours. In addition to the many updates that have also this week, featuring the Google Android software, which is here announced a new feature in Google Now. From today you can see and control the Card Now even if we do not have an internet connection. The cards are in fact included within the cache of the program so as to be able to consult appointments, weather, or other even though we are at the moment no network signal.

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A definitely very convenient function that can be exploited by many possesori Android smartphone. Download Google Search / Now follow:

The American operator Sprint releases Android 4.4.2 for Galaxy S3 (2GB of RAM)

Finally, even the Galaxy S3 receives Android 4.4.2 KitKat. An official news from the operator American Sprint but has a major downside. The marketed by Sprint Galaxy S3 is different from that present in Italy as it has 2GB of RAM going to confirm the findings in previous rumor and as we told you a few days ago.

Although currently there are no absolute certainties, the feeling is that Samsung will update all variants of S3 with the exception of the last distribution models with 1GB of RAM. Kitkat will arrive on Galaxy S3 Neo that has 1.5GB of RAM and everything sounds a bit ‘as an “insult” to the owner of i9300, the code that, according to the findings to date, it may remain excluded from the roll out. Hopefully in different news even if it seems difficult.

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo is available online from Amazon for 225 euro.
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    (update July 3, 2014, 10:00 am)

HTC One M8: here’s how to convert the version Harman Kardon

HTC One M8 Harman Kardon edition was officially unveiled just last Tuesday from Sprint, but the community of independent developers took only a few days to make available the “ conversion kit ” HTC One M8 variant Harman Kardon. The Harman Kardon audio integrated in HTC One M8, in fact, translates into special software features to improve the sound output. Since this is software and not hardware, the conversion work is not only possible, but already put in place by the developers. The well-known developer baadnwez, in fact, has released in the past few hours the resources necessary to take advantage of customization Harman Kardon audio with models of HTC One M8 marketed internationally.

The audio Harman Kardon takes the form of a zip file that will be installed through recovery. To do this you must use a smart phone with root and custom recovery. Being an unofficial modification, installation could not be immediately successful, but fortunately the developer has already provided some useful information to correct any problems arising after the flash of the zip file. If the settings H / K do not appear after rebooting, it is suggested a simple modification of the file system / customize / ACC / default.xml. If, however, the settings will be present, but the audio will not play, it will be necessary to update the firmware ADSp (Advanced Digital Signal Processor), in that case, you have a device with S-Off.

The steps to use the Harman Kardon audio with HTC One M8 are described in detail in this topic, which contains the necessary files to the conversion (the file h / and firmware upgrade ADSp) and an additional file that will be installed via recovery, if you intend to delete the audio h / k. Although the steps can be quite articulated in the eyes of those who have excessive dimistichezza with modding activities, it is useful to point out that with a few simple steps you can get a device that, at the software level, it will be very similar to the version HTC one M8 Harman Kardon, or make available user technologies Clari-Fi and LiveSoundStage, to improve the level of compression and the spatiality of the sound playback and supports 24-bit audio with a sampling frequency up to 192 KHz and files in FLAC format.

HTC One M8 is available online from GliStockisti to 479 euro or 600 euro from Snapfish. To see the other 41 offers click here. (update 3 July 2014, at 09:50)

SM-G800F Finland confirmed by Samsung as the Galaxy Mini S5

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5 now almost ready to be submitted, Samsung Finland has recently included among the webpages the support behind the model number SM-G800F, the same as a few days ago was credited as the most likely attributable to the version of the Mini top of the range.

Unfortunately no image is the background next to the model number and we do not find any information on the device itself, but the creation of these pages tells us that the smartphone is very close to a possible launch.

From the latest indiscrezioi on the technical details, Samsung Galaxy Mini S5 should be characterized by a 720p Super AMOLED display 4.5-inch, quad-core Snapdragon processor 400, 8 MP rear camera, 2MP front camera, 16 GB internal memory, 1.5 GB of RAM, IR blaster and a battery of 2100 mAh.

The version of Android 4.4.2 will be the last KitKat while the presentation is expected during the month of June.

Sony Xperia Z with Android 4.4.2 KitKat: new images of the update

Should miss very little for the release of Android 4.4.2 for the Sony Xperia Z, the first smartphone from the Z series that has just turned a year old in spite of the 2 successors already on the market (with Xperia Z2 still awaited in Italy ). Everything is in fact ready to XDA and get a series of ScreenShot showing the interface and the changes that vedrenno protagonist Xperia Z.

As you can see the UI has been updated with important similarities compared to Xperia Z1 and the software is virtually identical for most of the features, menus and settings.

The images you see are for the firmware build 10.5.A.0.227 who might be likely to use in the final spread for all Xperia Z marketed.

The beginning of the Roll Out is scheduled for next month even though there are no precise dates or additional guidance by Sony. You just have to wait a few weeks yet.

  • Sony Xperia Z2 is available online from GliStockisti to 479 euro to 590 euro or from Snapfish.
  • Sony Xperia Z is available online from Informaticazone to 280 euro to 290 euro or from Redcoon.
  • Sony Xperia Z1 is available online from GliStockisti to 349 euro to 430 euro or from Snapfish.

    (update 3 July 2014, at 10:04)

Trust: encrypted messages and self-destruction for Android and iOS

If you feel the undercover agents, you have to use tools to privacy is 007 and your ball, the new Confide landed just days even in the Play Store, it might be for you. Also available on the App Store for some time, the program is nothing more than a client message with an extremely simple but it works very particular: the self-destruction of the messages.

Confide (in Italian Trust) is described as your confidential instant messaging system . The software combines end-to-end encryption and message retractable proof and screenshots to promote an authentic communication, unfiltered, and efficient. The carattersitciche are:

  • Messages disappear forever once you read
  • The reading mode prevents sliding screenshots
  • send instant messages to any email address or phone number
  • Sent messages remain private and encrypted
  • read receipts warn you when the message has been read
  • FREE

    A very special program, therefore you can use between people who have the same software installed.

    Here is the download for Android and iOS:

    • Downloads for iOS

HTC One M8 DotView: new developments hack that adds to its functions

The developer Shen Ye, a few days ago, he began to suggest the possibility of modifying the functionality of the cover DotView HTC One M8 with an eloquent photo posted on Google+. The photo showed the ability to display the Twitter notifications, a feature not supported officially. The developer is still working to implement a hack suitable for distribution to end users and, meanwhile, continues to show more ability to modify the operation of the cover.

Interesting, for example, appears what is defined at the time, a simple concept, in any case very promising. It is not yet known if in the future the DotView will be able to support even the mini games, but the screenshots released by Shen Ye seems to suggest this hypothesis:

A second photo shows additional features, which seem related to the ability to view calendar appointments to Facebook

Shen Ye is also committed to creating new layout for the graphics clock:

The draft amendment to the DotView continues, but it is not yet possible to know when will be the release of the mod downloaded by users interested in strengthening the functioning of the original custody of HTC. Meanwhile, Shen Ye has confirmed that to take advantage of the new features you will need to use a terminal with root.

HTC with the cover DotView failed, again, to stand out from the competition, making the use of a very common accessory. The cover becomes an extension of your smartphone and not a mere instrument of protection of the terminal. It will be recalled that even without any hack, the cover DotView is able to display some notifications of system events (SMS, missed calls) and to interact with some smartphone features (eg. Answer a call or view the information on the screen block with a double tap).

Samsung Galaxy S5: new promo video with little dig at iPhone

Samsung going on keeping with its media campaign for the new arrival Galaxy S5. Via the official American tick here a promotional video that shows once again the main features of the smartphone by focusing on the camera. There is also a dig at competitor ever, Apple and its iPhone that is compared during the focusing and shooting in the movie. Good vision:

Samsung Galaxy S5 is available online from Biemmeshop to 485 € or 499 € from Pixmania. The value for money is ok and to see the other 182 offers click here. (update 3 July 2014, at 07:38)

Google working on a new interface for searching from the mobile called “LEGO”

Google experiments with new solutions, both technical and aesthetic for his huge package of web services. One of these is currently called LEGO, and although it has nothing to do with the famous bricks, is an experimental sandbox dedicated to a new interface to be taken to the researches carried out by the mobile. You can see the difference in the following video in which is shown on the left and the LEGO Classic page on the right.

Since this is a feature still in the experimental phase are not present various bugs and glitches, as it is not even sure that is then actually implemented in its final form. At the moment it is far from being used in the navigation of every day, but it is enough to get a taste of what could be developed in the future. There are small traces of LEGO also in the code of Chromium, so it’s possible that someone in Google is working on it seriously.

Although the link has already been removed, I will leave as it could possibly get back to you run.

If you wish to taste the new experimental aspect you can try this link (accessed from tablet / smartphone).

With JUMPR, recharge your smartphone and restart your car in a few minutes

By the JunoPower, comes a interesting accessory, designed to charge in emergency of our mobile devices, but not only. Called JUMPR allows you to charge both smartphones and tablets, but also to make it operational again the battery of our car in a few minutes, thanks to the excellent features that we will see shortly in detail.

It is a battery the size and weight, it has a form factor altogether elegant, reminiscent of the rear bodywork of a smartphone and measures 139 x 75 x 15 mm. Weighing less than 200 grams, thus enjoys a discreet portability while comfortably in a purse or in any space inside our car.

JUMPR boasts the presence of a rechargeable lithium polymer 6,000 mAh, but the most important aspect is certainly represented by the peak output of 300 amps at 12 volts, a feature that allows you to replace the common Jumper for charging emergency of a car with a battery reset.

It makes it suitable for use with both motorcycles and cars, saving literally life in all those cases of full battery discharge, eg relating to having forgotten the headlights on, the radio, the door half-open with lucette internal remained active throughout the night; in short, in all those situations in which the battery of the car did not have the inspiration needed to start the engine.

The 300 amperes declared are able to start almost all motors 4 and 6 cylinder.

As for the use with mobile devices, JUMPR provides a USB 2.1 connection with Output 5V, can enable a full recharge in mobility of our iPhone over and over again and any other mobile device, including tablets. In addition, JUMPR incorporates a handy built-in flashlight and is declared operational to the maximum of its possibilities for over 500 recharge cycles.

JUMPR is currently in pre-order at the special price of $ 69.99, but the actual cost will be $ 89.99 once released in the market. Shipping starting from May 1, 2014, tuttavi there is no information about a possible commercailizzazione for our market. For more information and curiosity, we refer to the official website of Juno Power.